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The Olympics

Let me take you back in time to peek the history of the greatest sport event that is, The Olympics

Every four years, athelets from around the world gather at one place to compete ina international sporting event called The Olympics

Featuring various winter and summer games, They come in with a hope to achieve glory for themselves and their country plus a shiny gold medal.

Winners didn’t always get a medal, though. Instead, victors in the earlier Olympics used to be honored with a crown of olive leaves. And just like that a lot changed since the first know Olympics. That took place in the summer of 776.B.C at Olympia a place of worshipping The Great God Zeus

In fact, The Olympic were created in honor of God Zeus, who was believed to be king of the gods by all ancient Greeks despite their internal wars.

Yes, as ancient Greece was divided into diffrent cities-states, they often locked horns with each other. But even times of conflict, But unlike modern games, only men were allowed to compete in the event, that too naked, and apperently, there was only one game called ” The Stade”, A footrace about 192m long

But, as time passed by the year 708 B.C.E, other events were added to sporting list, such as 400 m race, wrestling, the long jump, the javelin throw and the discus throw.

So, let the games begin

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